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Over 300 signed up now! You will need to email coachlang@hotmail.com if you still want to join in.
Coach Lang, race director of the Mid-Maryland Trail Events and volunteer distance coach at the University of Maryland, has been asked to help facilitate a special event and is super excited to work with Michelle on it.  Hope you like our idea and join in, and feel free to grab some teammates if needed, to make the trip across the great State of Maryland!
Here’s the route and landmarks to enjoy along the way, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kZarTu46sffGTvhXxhz57N3Ql-K3TEZ0Fh1W7kqt0-g/edit!
Here’s the tally so far, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13X8yN61ycD-AMPLWFSOnbxvXal9qeQCEfWA8Lq_5OeI/edit?ts=5ecbbe62#gid=213063209! Remember this is not live and will not update when you update. Each night between 8:30-9:30pm Eastern all of our updates will be updated into this file :)!
From mountains to down the Ocean, Hon! Maryland has a little bit of everything – a lil’ slice of America in one of the smallest United States. Cover it all, virtually in the inaugural Maryland Virtual 500k! The adventure begins at Deep Creek Lake and ends on the Ocean City Pier. From Saturday of Memorial Day till Independence Day, 6 weeks to run, jog, walk 310 miles. You up for the challenge to average just over 50 miles a week or would you rather run with a group? No limit to how many teammates, so long as everyone cheers one another along! If signing up as a team, each individual will sign up and put the same team/club name. It’s the same price for each person that signs up as everyone will get the same things.
What things is now the question right? NO JERSEY or t-shirt. Instead you will get a Bullseye Running Maryland Virtual 500k crab mallet with bottle opener and a special unique 500k car magnet. These items will be available at Feet First at the end of the event. If other arrangements are needed we will work with each of you individually to make those arrangements.
If you want to provide a youth runner with a 20% off discount card to Feet First please click the “jersey” field when signing up to donate $1 so that a discount card can be sent to one of the Bullseye youth runners. Making it easier for the kids to have real running shoes, as we all know they make it a lot easy to do what we do.
Each day submit your mileage with this form: https://forms.gle/tjRNRapnw4f3PCfg7. (Bookmark it!) If you forget to submit, simply change the date on the form and submit those miles. No need for anyone to submit activity tracker links – as I know us runners have been sworn in by the Runners Honor Code.
Be safe and lets run from one of Maryland’s vacation destinations to another between one Summer vacation holiday to another.