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The RRCA Club Challenge is an annual race between all RRCA running clubs in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

If you want to join Bullseye Running and run this race for free as a part of the club/team we would love to have you.

Go to the club membership page on the Bullseye web site, sign up then come back to this page and click the register now button to sign up for the race and Bullseye will pay your race fee!

I would love you to email me at coachlang@hotmail.com and let me know why you wanted to join Bullseye.  Any and all reasons work.  I am just curious and love to hear why members join :)!

2018 Bullseye finishers

NameGenderAgeHome AddressTime

McLain, MackM29Columbia, MD55:07.59

Marvel, JustinM34Glen Burnie, MD59:19.49

Williams, TomM42Perry Hall, MD59:40.40

Mock, DougM50Ellicott City, MD01:00:01.74

Hugus, PaulM33Columbia, MD01:01:21.45

Pazin, JackM17Columbia, MD01:02:25.15

Chattin, AndersM18Columbia, MD01:08:56.84

Navarro, LuisM40Columbia, MD01:09:15.13

Lang, PhilipM50Columbia, MD01:09:24.34

Miller, JasonM40Catonsville, MD01:09:30.24

Kappey, HaleyF18Ellicott City, MD01:10:27.65

Albright, Dennis MM46Ellicott City, MD01:11:13.92

Magoon, EmilyF18Ellicott City, MD01:12:04.82

Starks, AbigailF20Marriottsville, MD01:12:04.70

Calvert, EvanM33Ellicott City, MD01:13:57.31

Tufano, AlF37Columbia, MD01:14:23.09

Jock, PamelaF47Dayton, MD01:16:31.16

Boyce, StevenM48Sykesville, MD01:16:43.80

Frick, Trisha MF53Baltimore, MD01:23:15.60

Storey MacPhee, NorahF45Columbia, MD01:23:38.21

Krein, AllisonF20Highland, MD01:24:30.51

Stanmore, JohnM55Baltimore, MD01:25:34.96

Ailinger, SondraF49Laurel, MD01:27:46.66

Miller, AmyF45Fulton, MD01:31:34.21

Johnson, AnneF56Glenwood, MD01:31:37.32

Kim, SusanF50Laurel, MD01:35:09.85

Ellinghaus, DebbieF43Potomac, MD01:37:43.05

Jimenez, KathyF52Ellicott City, MD01:38:57.75

Didonato, RobertM56Woodstock, MD01:39:02.80