Where can I find more details about the meet schedule or more about the rest of the program all season long?

Go to the Youth page on bullseyerunning.com for all the information you will need to find about the Junior Striders program. Things such as results from meets, the list of practice groups, the schedule of the meets, and much more will be found on that page.

How much are uniforms or other kinds of apparel?

You can buy a uniform for $15 and/or a hoodie sweatshirt for $20. There are many other kinds of apparel as well, but those are the two most important ones to have to represent our team!

Is there anything that parents can do to help at practice or meets?

We always accept volunteers! At practice we usually have specific coaches for each group, but with things like handing uniforms out, the more people, the better. Our home meet is something that we definitely NEED as many volunteers as possible for and all the kids should be running that anyway, so if you are there, please come and help! No experience is necessary!

What if my kids want to try a field event?

We allow kids to try some of the field events at practice, but the coaches will determine if they should/can keep practicing those events during the rest of the season. Kids can compete in field events without practicing them at the meets so keep that in mind also.  The main field events we have coaches for are high jump and long jump.


Is there a way for my kid to practice hurdles?

On Thursdays during the Outdoor Track season, Coach Thomas will work with kids who are 11 to 14 years old who practice at Oakland Mills on hurdles from 7-7:30. On Mondays Coach Pam will be at the Centennial location to work with the 11 to 14 year olds that want to try them. If your kids want to try hurdles let us know and we will make sure that they are part of that group those days. Kids younger than 11 are not offered any races that involve hurdles.

How do we find out what events our kids will be racing?

Coaches don’t pick events for kids. We actually encourage you to let them try different events and certainly ones they want to do even if they have not practiced them yet.


How long do meets usually last and are we required to be there the whole time?

Meets take several hours so consider picking events accordingly. If you don’t want to be there all day then don’t pick events at the beginning and end of the meet schedule. Feel free to leave early and to arrive a little late, but be aware that there is no specific time schedule so once an event has happened it’s over. Bring food and drinks or at least money to buy some at the concessions stand, warm and cool clothes, and anything else you might need to get you through the day. The team is always sitting together at meets so make sure you find them so that we can all sit together as one team!

How do we know when our child will run if there is no set time?

At the meet listen to the announcements when they call the different events and different age groups and get your kid ready and over to the bullpen for running events or to the field for field events. Coaches will be around to help as well.

Do the kids get any kind of awards after their races?

Coaches pick up awards after the meet, sometimes even the following meet. They will be handed out at practice whenever the coaches have them so make sure you are there!

Are there results that can be found from each of the meets?

On the Youth page on bullseyerunning.com there is a link for results. Coaches attempt to obtain results of all performances and have a spreadsheet that we will post on the web site as well as pictures, so make sure that they are wearing the uniform and their sticker notes HOWARD COUNTY as the team name and names are legible so we can read them.


Do I need a copy of my child’s birth certificate for registration?

A birth certificate can be helpful, yes. This is used to confirm the child’s age and if your child wants to compete in any AAU or USATF sanctioned meets you will need to give us a copy of a birth certificate.


If it’s raining will there still be a meet?

Most likely, there will be. Meets are rarely canceled. Usually, there will be a weather delay in cases of lightning or a lot of rain. Check email updates and the website or contact Coach Lang to confirm.