Spring/Summer Track & Field/Running programs  There are 2 different programs to choose from in the Spring and 1 simple question will lead you to the correct online registration link but feel free to click them both and read all the details about both. Email with any questions after reading the details in the registration links. The simple question is are you going to come to some of the track meets on Sunday afternoons?  If the answer is yes then you will want to sign up for the Youth Track Team Program but if it is no then sign up for the Youth Spring Running Program.  Just click on the program title to go directly to the link.
Details about Summer Track for high school athletes coming soon!

Summer Striders (XC Summer Training Program) details coming soon!

Last day of practice was November 1 and what an amazing season it was with over 270 kids on the team!  Congrats to those that competed at Nationals in Evansville, Indiana!
Plan for registration to open for the Fall of 2017 in late July with practices starting around Labor Day.
Check out the results of the meets by clicking the results link.

Spring/Summer track team results
2015 results link for as many results as we could find for our kids, sorry they are not all available! Results